Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Eat, sleep and train like a Kenian!

My time in Kenia has come to an end and it was defenetly a great experience. We stayed the first few days in the IAAF Training Center in Eldoret and lived and trained there everything with the Kenians. They have a great coach there and we could learn a whole lot.
It was a good kick off and after the time in Eldoret we changed to the Lorna Kiplagat trainig cennter in Iten which is on 2600m above sealevel.
I couldn`t ask for more, the whole world of long distance running seems to meet up there. At home you see a few runners each run, here are groups of 50 people and usually you meet the one or other olympic medalist.
In our camp we lived together with the current 5+10km European Champion Mo Farah, since the Bristish team trained as well up there.
He is a great guy and a pleasure to watch when he is on the track. You already learn a lot when you run with this guys and get the chance to talk about training with them.
So my running is on the right track and we also kept up the swim and bike. So thanks to my coach for giving me the chance to experience all that and let a kids dream come true!:)

cheers andi